A Kiosk allows for the easy spread of information through user interfaces composed of video, images, and text propelled by interactivity. Kiosks can be given specific applications and content to cater to a need. 

Touch Tables

Touch Table Kiosks work as a great method for sharing information interactively with other collaborators. You can write, play movies, toss around images, zoom in and out of media to reveal even more media, or have the capability of doing anything a powerful touch screen can do that isn’t limited by your imagination. These kiosks are fully customizable and can be programmed to utilize any type of additional hardware such as credit card swipers, bar code scanners, or webcams. 

Transparent Touchscreen Kiosks

Transparent Touch Kiosks are ideal for capturing attention by allowing you to see through to the other side. Product display is its most popular application as it will benefit from the overlay of displayed, interactive information. They are especially impressive when integrated into any public display such as a retail space or stage setup.  

Touchscreen Overlay

With ZDS Optical Touch Technology, you can expand the touch sensory over an area larger than the actual display. Softkeys (buttons designed for touch screen displays) can be programmed and placed on the left, right, or under the display area. Now, you can open all of your applications with the touch of a finger. 









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