What is iShare?

Infobit iShare allows you to project what’s on your laptop or mobile devices onto a presentation screen, transforming your
meeting room to be a wireless, collaborative and sharing platform with a single click. iShare is designed for intuitive meeting collaboration to empower people in business and education.

Go Wireless

Infobit iShare universal USB-A and the 3-in-1 dongle avoids the unsightly jumble of cables and adaptors. It creates a clean, tidy and comfortable meeting room without any additional adaptors or having to rummage under the table. Go wireless, you'll spend less time setting-up and more time being productive.

No Software


iShare couldn’t be easier. Plug the
USB dongle into your laptop, wait a
few seconds for it to establish
connection with the receiver box
connected with your display via
HDMI, and press on the dongle to
start present. No connecting to Wi-Fi
is needed with this plug and play

Instant Show/Hide

Frequently, users want to temporarily hide
their screen from the meeting or for 
privacy reasons. iShare allows you to instantly

hide your projection with a single click on the
dongle and show it again with another


iShare works on any PC or Mac as well as your mobile devices.

iShare supports AirPlay and Miracast technologies to
project your contents from your tablets and phones.


Physical cable connection allows only one user
projection from one device at a time. iShare
supports single view, 1x2 split view or 2x2
quad-view. Supports up to 16x input sources
connected simultaneously.

Multiple Users


iShare frees everyone to share what’s on their device, on the same display, simultaneously. Anyone can connect with one click and present straight away. Just walk into any meeting room and share what you want to, no matter which device it’s on- no cable switching and no set-up procedure.

Guest Friendly

iShare works for everyone including visitors that
show up in your office for the first time. As
there’s no need to install any driver or ask your
company’s Wi-Fi password, meetings start and
end on time by with a click-and-present methodology.

Touch Back


With an interactive display or
whiteboard, you can control your source
PC/Mac by manipulating or annotating
without any cable connected or walking
back to your seat.

4K UHD 60Hz

iShare receiver supports up to 4K60Hz
via HDMI connection to the display.
The USB dongle support up to 1080p/
60Hz and a latency of 0.1s.

Note: 60Hz for Windows 10.


What if you want to use internet
when casting your mobile device
which is connecting the meeting
room Wi-Fi without internet?
iShare is the first in this industry to
support Dual-WiFi technology that
allows you to visit the internet
while casting or show on-line

Android Casting

with Audio

iShare is the first in this industry to
support casting video and audio
together from Android devices
(conventionally, only iOS devices
supported video with audio).

Separated Audio

What if your display does NOT have
built-in speaker? iShare receiver box
provides 3.5mm separated audio
output to connect your standalone
speaker/ Sound Bar.

Landscape or 


iShare supports both landscape
and portrait display installation. It
supports 0, 90, 180 and 270
degrees image rotation which
allows you to present your mobile
device in full screen without any

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