OBS Series Video Wall

The OBS Series Video Wall Displays use an off panel board solution that allows us to make the video wall system even thinner. At less than 4 inches depth, it passes ADA compliance and do not require the installation to be recessed (requiring construction and less budget for the hardware!). 

The Power Board and AD Controller Board are separate from the LCD panels on the OBS series (Off Board System). This means that the pushout bracket and electronics can be installed first, offering easy cabling before the LCD panel is mounted. This allows quicker/more organized installs, and easier access when displays need maintenance. 

Key Features at a Glance

  • Off panel electronics - separate from LCD panel. Panel connects to all electronics via SINGLE connector.

  • Cabling done on the wall separate of panel - offers easier access to cables without panel in the way. Also makes troubleshooting and replacements easy.

  • Easy to Install: displays are lighter and thinner, and can incorporate the Hook&Hang mounting system. The lack of electronics on the panel makes display light weight and easy to handle

  • Perfectly align displays with millimeter precision. Fine-tune adjustment of up to 20mm.

  • Easy 4K HDMI Input Daisy Chain up to 4K/60Hz

  • Power is Daisychainable to groups of 4: a 2x2 video wall only requires one outlet. 

  • ZD Wall Control software allows you to switch inputs and layout configurations from your PC

  • In-depth OSD allows you to control and change settings of displays

  • Fully functional remote control allows you to control each display from a single remote

  • Built in temperature sensor with temperature margin to activate discreet fans only when needed

  • Thin bezel of 0.88mm, 1.7mm or 3.5mm combined between displays

  • 24/7/365 operation approved for commercial applications

  • 178 degree wide viewing angle

  • UHD resolution available with 65” display models

Off Panel Electronics

Off Panel Electronics means that the power board, AD controller board and other parts are separate from the LCD. This allows for a thinner and lighter display, as well the option of cabling everything before the LCD panel is mounted and connected to the rest of the electronics via a single connector.

Easy Cabling, Easy Installation, Easy Maintenance

Cabling video walls can be tedious and cumbersome with the displays mounted and in the way. The separate LCD panel means that cabling can be done BEFORE the panel is hung, giving installers clear vision and no obstructions.   As a plus, power supply units can be daisy-chained to groups of 4, reducing the required number of outlets.

If any issues arise, any display in the video wall configuration can be accessed independently. The brackets feature a mechanism that allows independent displays to be serviced. The LCD panel can be unhooked and separated easily in a matter of seconds. Since everything is separate (LCD, Power Board, AD Controller Board, mounting brackets, cables, etc) parts can be replaced easily.

 Built-In Advanced Processing

The OBS Series displays features an advanced AD Controller board that supports up to 4K/60HZ input daisy chain via HDMI loopout. Whether in matrix mode or daisychain mode, the system automatically scales the content to your specifications.

For input switching and layout needs, use our ZD WALL CONTROL software.

For more advanced needs, please check out the DigiBird video wall controllers.

Thin Profile Video Wall, ADA Compliant

The OBS Series displays follow guidelines from the American Disability Act (ADA) in that video walls in public spaces should be no thicker than 4 inches (or recessed embedded installation).  At under 4 inches, not only does it follow the law, it looks great.

Available Display Sizes

OBS Series displays come in 46", 49", 55" and 65" sizes


Bezel gap of 0.88mm 1.7mm or 3.5mm combined between displays 

(0.88mm combined bezel gap only available with 55" display)


Brightness of 500 or 700 NITS


Our 65" displays come with UHD 3840x2160 resolution,

the only thin bezel video wall display to offer 4K resolution!


  • Multiple inputs available, with up to 4K/60 input daisy chain capability through HDMI 2.0 loopout

  • Built in media player via USB IN (for single display mode only)

  • IR daisy chain for remote control sensor

  • UART daisy chain for serial control on PC with ZD WALL CONTROL software

  • Input switching and preconfigured layout switching possible via remote control or ZD WALL CONTROL software

  • Power Supply is daisy chainable up to groups of 4.


Clean Finish: Metal Side Covers

Metal Side covers give your video wall sides a clean and sleek finishing touch, and also double as protection for your displays fragile edges. ​

Transform your video wall into a touch screen

It is not a far-fetched idea! Using a combination of Optical cameras and IR sensors, it can be done. Sensors and Cameras are mounted on a metal frame designed for the HH-Series displays to make your entire video wall into a giant touch screen!

ZD WALL CONTROL - SICP Software for PC control

The ZD WALL CONTROL software allows
users to to control video wall settings, calibration, layouts, and scheduling via RS-232 Protocol

(UART Port). Most of the functions can be managed with the remote control provided,

but the software allows more control.

Video wall configuration setup, input
source, and layout choice can be chosen
from any tab.

* Display Set-ID, must be done directly on
the display OSD using remote control.

All ZoomDS displays will come factory color
calibrated to its counterpart displays within
a video wall configuration set. Additional
changes can be made through the
Calibration tab on the software.

Under the Schedule tab, users can schedule
ON/OFF time of displays, the layouts, and the back light brightness. 

Under the Systems tab, users can manage the Bezel compensation of each display and the temperature control.

Under the Layout tab, users can save and load pre-configuired display layouts. The includes different input sources
chosen for independent displays or groups of displays. This powerful tool allows for matrix switching and eliminates
the need for additional switching hardware.










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