ZDS Video Wall Series

ZDS offers the highest quality in commercial grade LED backlit LCD displays. Our displays are of the newest technology, and set a new standard for Tiled Matrix Hyperwall displays.

LED backlighting is great for reducing energy and allows for a thin display panel. Each panel supports 1080p or 4k, and each added panel adds another 1080p or 4k to the resolution - allowing for large images or videos to span across multiple configured display panels without stretching or losing image quality.

ZDS is also setting a new quality standard in being able to offer the thinnest bezel size available--1.7mm across from image to image. All of our displays are equipped with an advanced heat dispatching technology which allows 24/7 operation are assembled, tested, and packed in San Francisco, CA.


Q Series Video Wall

The Q-Series boasts our first 4K UHD video wall display. Up until now, 4K displays were not available with the thin bezels a video wall needs, but wait no longer. The Q-Series displays have a combined bezel thickness of 2.8mm.

8K Resolution Video Wall

With the Q series video wall displays, you can achieve 8K resolution with a 2x2 configuration. As each display has a resolution of 4K, using a signal splitter or multi-output PC will leave you with a stunning 8K Video wall.


  • 1.4mm ultra thin bezel (2.8mm combined)

  • 4Kx2K resolution

  • HDMI, VGA and DVI input

  • RS232C control

  • Multi display mode

  • Full viewing angle

  • High brightness

  • Easy combination

  • Fast response time

Bracket Systems

Many different kind of bracket system allows to install videowall in any project.


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